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Established in 2012, Raywell has set about become the most prestigious name in Audi tuning. Our core values are to design subtle, sophisticated accessories, manufactured to the highest quality. Enhancing and refining Audi vehicles for individuals who seek exclusivity with taste.

Challenging an industry stigmatised by over the top, ostentatious designs in an effort to stand out from the crowd. Raywell brings a refreshing change to the market, with subtle, tasteful modifications to make vehicles that are classic in style and design.

Our Wheel Design From concept to reality

Thinking up a design brief for our first ever wheel was a difficult task. We wanted a wheel that would be timeless, classy, sophisticated and most importantly it had to work in perfect harmony with the Audi brand. We started by designing a range of ‘mesh’ style wheels each with their own unique features:

Ruling out some of the more intricate designs, we really wanted to push for a simplistic design. Going back to the drawing board, we narrowed down our designs to the following four:

After much deliberation and discussion we blended our favourite elements and finished our final draft.

Final Design Features

Nine Spoke Mesh Design – Throwing off the symmetry of the wheel giving a sense of movement.
Gradient thickness spokes, thickening further towards the back of the wheel – Giving the wheel extra strength
Raywell name cast into face of wheel
Valve hole located directly opposite giving a line of symmetry down the front of the wheel.
Slightly concave in design – Looks fantastic when rolling.

FINSHED PRODUCT Our signature wheels

JRR HYPER SILVER The JRR in Hyper Silver was designed to retain the class and sophistication of the vehicle they are fitted on. Best suited to Audis ‘S-Line’ range of vehicles, complimenting the chrome grill and window trims.

JRR GUNMETAL GREY The JRR in Gunmetal Grey was designed to give an aggressive, darker look to the car they grace. Best suited to Audis ‘Black Edition’ range of vehicles, complimenting the black grill and window trims.

JRR GLOSS BLACK At first the JRR was never put into production in gloss black. We had few doubts at whether the colour would work with the Audi range. However, popular demand from our customers meant we were proven wrong and is now available as an optional extra.